The Real Benefits of Using A Face Serum

Oct 10 , 2018

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The Real Benefits of Using A Face Serum

Do you remember when you first started to hear the word “serum” as a beauty trend? Oh yes, indeed! Time flies so fast… back then, we thought we only needed a moisturizer or a night cream and voila! The K-Beauty skincare pops out and showed us what we are really missing.

If you are like the others, who still do not know what is a serum and can it really do to your skin then keep reading because we are going to talk about the real benefits of using a face serum.

A good serum can “effectively” moisturize your skin. Chill! We know.. That’s what moisturizers do. But, serums are typically better because it can easily penetrate your skin’s surface due to its thinner qualities.

Now, do you still need a moisturizer when using a serum?

Mmmhhh. We will tell you honestly that you still do. When used in conjunction with a proper moisturizer they will be combined and penetrate the moisture to your skin. Which is a good thing because a moisturized skin is a better radiant looking skin.

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